IndieStakeHub Validates Its First Block on Cardano

Celebrating our monumental milestone: IndieStakeHub's first validated block on Cardano! Together, we're shaping a more decentralized Cardano future.


1/24/20241 min read

The First Block - A Monumental Step

With immense pride, we announce a historic moment for IndieStakeHub: the validation of our first block on the Cardano network. This milestone marks the beginning of an exceptional journey, made possible through the unwavering support of our dedicated and passionate community.

The Significance of the First Block

The validation of our first block represents far more than a mere technical achievement. It is the fruit of our team's hard work and the trust placed in us by our founding delegators. This block symbolizes our commitment to decentralization, financial independence, and inclusion.

The Strength of a United Community

This success is the result of seamless collaboration within our community. Our founding delegators and supporters have been instrumental in helping us reach this momentous achievement. Their trust and dedication are at the core of our mission, driving us to realize our vision for a more decentralized Cardano.